Unfair vehicle tax on a suzuki 1.3 carry van that according to emissions should be euro 4rated

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Dear Environment,

Under the right of access to documents in the EU treaties, as developed in Regulation 1049/2001, I am requesting documents which contain the following information:
the reason why my Suzuki van 1.3, first registered in uk on july 2005, is being charged Vehicle road tax of £240 per year. The emissions are below what is required of Euro 4, and my Toyota starlet car from 1997 also a 1.3 engine emits slightly more emissions, but only costs £75 a year.. I only use the van to go to work as a security guard. These ' chinless wonders 'do not make it easy for us to find out why or how they work out the criteria .The Suzuki waggen is a similar design to the van, but does not pay the same tax because it has seats. I believe this is unfair, and an explanation would be polite. I have insured the van for private use and not for business so it is for private use only. I look forward to your advice in due course. Yours faithfully, Michael warren lewis.


Dear Mr Lewis,


Thank you for your mail of 28 December 2018. After careful examination of
its content, we consider that you do not ask for documents but for
information. Therefore, Regulation (EC) 1049/2001 does not apply in your


We would like to remind you that, when an applicant presents a request for
access to documents, he/she has to indicate a postal address. All
Commission departments have as instruction to contact the applicant asking
for his/her postal address. If this is not provided, the request should be
filed without handling it.


The information you would like to obtain relates to national legislation.
Therefore, we invite you to contact the competent UK authorities to have
their position. If the national legislation could be based on EU
Regulation or Directive, please request on which EU binding act is based.
This would facilitate the treatment of a possible request from your side
by the Commission departments, after the reply by your national


Yours sincerely,




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michael lewis a laissé une remarque ()

I apologise but I could not see where to put my adress. It is 62 poplar avenue, putnoe, bedford, MK41 8BW. Thank you for your e mail. michael lewis.